Notes to the Future

Life in the early 21st century is an existential nightmare, and I am writing about it, so that theoretical readers in the future who might look back at all this and ask “Did they know everything was so fucked?” can know “Yes. Yes we fucking knew. It sucked.”

I am pretty pessimistic about the state of the world in say the 22nd century. Either everyone will be dead from global warming and war and fascists, or a whole bunch of people died from that stuff but human civilization will have continued on in some perpetual ant colony of misery. If you’re reading this decades or more after I wrote it, I hope I was wrong.

About Me

I am a middle aged white guy living in St. Louis, MO. I’m an old goth, a geek, a nerd, a big pinko lefty, quiet about my romantic life, and someone with multiple currently untreated long term illnesses - including long covid, ADHD, and major depression. I was once an artist and DJ and might be those things again some day.

About This Blog

It’s gonna be depressing, and angry. But hopefully not 100% depressing and angry. I will do my best not to wallow in doom and to share light fun things like air fryer recipes.

If people in the 2020s read this, cool. Hi, hello, enjoy! But my real audience is some theoretical future reader that this has found its way into the hands of. Hopefully this will be a useful look into the past.

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Shawn Andrew Gaston

Middle Aged Martian.